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Tyee Ridge

Updated: May 25, 2020

Like most Americans, Justin and I typically spend Memorial Day weekend having family/friend gatherings, potlucks, or going to public parks. However, 2020 is different. Everything has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. Group events and going to popular places aren’t ideal plans. So we needed to adjust our itinerary.

We thought, “okay let’s do something outdoors. What’s open?” Well National Parks have been closed since March. They don’t allow dogs on trails, so that’s not an ideal option anyway. How about Washington State Parks? Those are currently limited to day use only. Plus the state parks in King Co. are packed with people trying to get out of the house! That left use with another possibility: explore National Forest Land.

So I started researching NFs in Washington. All established campgrounds are closed to limit the spread of the virus, BUT dispersed camping is still allowed. This means it’s okay to find a spot anywhere off a forest service road that isn’t a designated campground. No services available, pack in, and pack out.

Our goal? Find a spot far from other humans (and preferably not raining the entire time). This is how we discovered Tyee Ridge. Located high above the Entiat River, this area was perfect. Sunshine, mountains, and completely isolated. It also met Justin’s criteria of not being located off a paved road.

Directions: follow Entiat River Rd to Mad River Rd. After a few miles it’ll turn into NF 5700. Continue past the Pine Flats Campground (currently closed). Turn right into NF 5701. Climb very steep and scary dirt roads until you find a spot you like. We found ours at one of the switchbacks near the top. Not a single car passed our camping spot while we were there.

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