• Justin

Sony A7III calls in sick... forever?

Updated: May 25, 2020

2018 ended really similar to how 2019 started. Driving somewhere at a very inconvenient time trying to get some rad photos and video. The 2018 finale included my wife @ Alki beach watching the fireworks over Elliot Bay (hella time lapse photos to follow). I slept about 3 hours, made sure my bag was packed and drove to Rattlesnake Ledge to catch the sunrise. I've been on a MEGAGAGAGAAAA time lapse kick lately and this morning was no exception. After about 1k photos and a couple white knuckle drone recoveries I grabbed my Sony and snapped a test photo. That was it... I looked at the photo, noticed a black bar, pulled lens off and boom! Game over! I have no idea how it happened but i'm stoked the dudes at Sony are cool and it should get taken care of. I bought the camera in July from B&H.com I absolutely love my Sony and am super anxious to find out its fate. In the meantime my drone game is about to get some serious attention. Here's a few drone photos from today and a short video I tossed together. Enjoy gang.


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